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Dress Code

HILLTOP ACADEMY:  See district dress code:


These guidelines are beyond the dress code established within the district’s Student Code of Conduct.  The district considers a student’s appearance an important personal responsibility.  It is the goal of teachers, counselors, and administrators to establish clear and concise guidelines regarding proper attire at school to promote an excellent learning environment.

The following will be required of all students attending the Cedar Hill I.S.D. DAEP. The students are expected to be within the dress codes guidelines upon arrival to the campus.

  • Male /Female students are required to wear a solid white shirt. The shirt must be a polo style or golf shirt with a distinguishable collar.  All undershirts must be white.
  • Pants may be a dress-type or docker-style pant in the color of khaki and at least ankle length with no pockets below the hips.  Pants must fit at the natural waistline.
  • Belts will be worn at all times.
  • No shorts
  • No holes or cuts in pants allowed.
  • Shirts will remain tucked in at all times.
  • Shoes intended to be worn with laces must be laced and tied.  Shoes with buckles must be buckled appropriately.  No boots will be allowed.
  • Non-hooded sweatshirts or sweaters are allowed as long as they are white, cardigan style, and without logos.
  • All coats, jackets and accessories will be placed in the storage room when students check in.
  • No backpacks, bags or like articles will be permitted on campus.
  • No types of jewelry or piercings – other than watches – will be allowed.  Other jewelry will be confiscated.   Grills are considered jewelry.
  • Hair must be neat and clean - no extreme styles or colors.  No hair ornaments, clips, bows ribbons, “doo rag,” etc.
  • Tattoos will be covered while the student is in the building.

Because fads in dress are subject to change, the final decision of acceptable dress and grooming rest with the school administration.

Students not following the dress code will be sent home for the day. 

Any items, which are considered contraband, and are confiscated by the school, will only be returned to a parent/guardian at the end of a student's DAEP placement.  Some items such as tobacco products, lighters, cosmetics, lotions, lip gloss, Carmex/Chapstick, etc. will be destroyed.


Khaki Pants