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Hilltop Academy


The Hilltop Academy is a Non-Disciplinary Program for scholars, serving as a dropout prevention and credit recovery program. The mission of Hilltop Academy at S.T.R.I.V.E is to provide scholars the opportunity to earn credits and skills needed for a high school diploma. 

The goal of the Hilltop Academy program is to provide scholars the opportunity to earn credits and skills needed to earn a high school diploma. It is designed to assist high school scholars who have fallen multiple cohorts behind their peers. Scholars will have access to a self-paced accelerated curriculum, which will allow them to recover and earn credits that will get them back on track.

Hilltop is a self-paced computer based program that allows scholars the ability to complete high school course work. Scholars enrolled in this program will use the Edgenuity online program and receive a grade for each course completed. Credit for the course will be placed on the scholar’s transcript with an indication that it is for the Edgenuity online program. The grades for Edgenuity will not be considered for grade point average (GPA) or class rank for the scholar unless for initial credit courses.